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Get to Know Me

I'm Meththa Weerasinghe a 19 year old from the suburbs of Colombo in Sri Lanka who is extremely passionate about cinematography, directing and editing.

Hi, I'm an 18-year-old video editor and cinematographer who recently completed my Foundation of Communication and Creative Industries program at Edith Cowan College. I gained practical experience in the industry while working at Leaap Media in Sri Lanka. However, I've recently decided to further my education and pursue my passion for film. I'm now studying Film at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, eager to delve deeper into the world of visual storytelling and filmmaking.

With a profound passion for visual storytelling and an acute attention to detail, I'm dedicated to transforming ideas into captivating videos through the art of video editing. Thanks to my coursework and personal projects, I've solidified my proficiency in industry-standard software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I'm always on the lookout for innovative techniques and approaches to enhance my editing skills and am excited to apply my knowledge and creativity to new projects. My commitment to delivering high-quality content and meeting challenging deadlines has given me the confidence to make valuable contributions to any team in the field of video production.

More About Me.

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